Welcome to Ethermore — An emerging fantasy worldbuilding project on community and blockchain.


Digital unboxing of your hero…
Lowering your eyelid, you place the first contact in. Taking a second, you compare your eyes. One pupil slit, the other round. One yellow, one brown. Dating never used to be this hard back home. Welcome home, Half-Demon

Choices and the world around you

Layer Zero: The most important layer of any blockchain or Dapp

What we built

This stone looks out of place. It’s not pink like the others. Maybe a traveler threw it here as they passed along the road below. The magic of the trees seems to be working. The fog is still tight around them. You shrug, its been ages since you left the grove and why would you? Everywhere else seems dull and colorless. Welcome home to The Glade.

The Characters.

Your eyes adjust and your senses are heightened, you hear the snap of a twig under your foot. You nearly made it to the river this time. A small horned rabbit looks at you quizzically as you smile back. Breathing in the pine trees, you look up as the moonlight filters through. Welcome home to the Forest.

The Art and Value.

Pixels X Bold Colors X Gradients X Procedural Generation

Halfling Hustle

“Truth is a matter of the imagination.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin

Choose your difficulty setting

Social capital and community

Taking a blade of grass, Making sure to floss deep between the tusks. You picture Old uncle Ned and his bad case of Tuskrot. And hear your mother’s voice in your head. Welcome home, Half-Orc.

Character ‘Value’ Variables


But where is my sellable loot, man…?

From the ground up.

The Community.

So Shiny. Want to pop.

What makes Ethermore unique?

How to get involved



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