Welcome to Ethermore — An emerging fantasy worldbuilding project on community and blockchain.


Ethermore arrives as a drop of 15,000 NFTs, each a unique procedurally-generated fantasy character on the Ethereum blockchain. Each character is a token of entry to the community, world of Ethermore.

Digital unboxing of your hero…
Lowering your eyelid, you place the first contact in. Taking a second, you compare your eyes. One pupil slit, the other round. One yellow, one brown. Dating never used to be this hard back home. Welcome home, Half-Demon

Choices and the world around you

Everyone loves a good story. Playing as a character with a backstory and core values and a meaningful narrative arc. Adventuring around in a complex world, making choices that have consequences and are reflected in Ethermore. Role-playing can provide the most meaningful and immersive experiences in the theatre of the mind. The same place where the scenes in your favourite book took place.

Layer Zero: The most important layer of any blockchain or Dapp

As web3 emerges from the murky swamp of web2, a lot of people new to the scene ask: “what is web3?”

What we built

We are a small indie team but decided to take the plunge and see if we could build that experience using web3 tools in making Ethermore, with the security of on-chain characters that players can own, but with the focus on web3 social and decision-making tools to drive the engagement, narrative, and worldbuilding.

This stone looks out of place. It’s not pink like the others. Maybe a traveler threw it here as they passed along the road below. The magic of the trees seems to be working. The fog is still tight around them. You shrug, its been ages since you left the grove and why would you? Everywhere else seems dull and colorless. Welcome home to The Glade.

The Characters.

Each and every Ethermore character is procedurally generated and unique. No two are alike. However, there are rarer traits within the population broken down by type, class, background, and artifacts. For example, there are more Humans than Half-Elf, and even rarer are Celestials. There are more Fighters than Wizards, but even fewer Sorcerers.

Your eyes adjust and your senses are heightened, you hear the snap of a twig under your foot. You nearly made it to the river this time. A small horned rabbit looks at you quizzically as you smile back. Breathing in the pine trees, you look up as the moonlight filters through. Welcome home to the Forest.
  • 39 varieties of possible fantasy races
  • 38 different classes of hero
  • 9 possible character backgrounds
  • 9 possible item artifacts, ranging from common to extremely rare

The Art and Value.

Halfling Hustle
Choose your difficulty setting

Social capital and community

Fantasy communities are always full of like-minded, diverse, and welcoming people that are there predominately to collaborate towards a shared goal. The subset niche of these folk in web3 is a small ven diagram and hosting space for people to break the ice through games, creativity, and problem-solving is a breeding ground for collaborations, new friendships, and opportunities to build things.

Taking a blade of grass, Making sure to floss deep between the tusks. You picture Old uncle Ned and his bad case of Tuskrot. And hear your mother’s voice in your head. Welcome home, Half-Orc.

Character ‘Value’ Variables

Supply- Like other limited supply-based projects, you can have as many Ethermore characters as you like, but only 15,000 will ever be minted. This is usually the main narrative for limited edition ERC721 collectables, especially avatar projects, but Ethermore characters have secondary scarcity components in play worth a second look.


The core character assets are represented by an ERC721 token on the base layer of Ethereum, secured with IPFS storage and on-chain provenance hashing, it is as secure as game assets can get in blockchain games. Ethermore characters are layer 1 with the narrative, gaming, and social value accruing off-chain.

But where is my sellable loot, man…?

Our core idea here is to plant the seeds of an imaginary world and build it up together. The base layer of the value will always stay with the original character, but assets may come on top of this as the project goes one way or another as built by the community.

From the ground up.

The main value prop is to be there as things get created in the world and have a part in doing so. Our earliest community-driven and voted content was basic things like the names of the moons (Keccak and Skein) or the Tallest mountain (Mt. Ethermore) but as this develops into choices that shape the world, kill characters, decide the fate of NPCs, then the flywheel of ownership, purpose, and value really kicks in.

The Community.

We will foster grounds for the community roots of Ethermore to grow.

  • Spaces to meet other characters and NFT holders.
  • Places to meet adventuring parties for digital or tabletop games, utilizing your character as an avatar or tabletop token.
  • Corners to contribute to the world-build of Ethermore as a fantasy world and community worth exploring.
  • Future contributions and decisions about the on-chain lore and directions of Ethermore.
  • Abilities for leadership and moderator roles to evolve within the community.
  • Nooks for Book clubs and podcast discussion.
  • Galleries for Fanart.
  • Competitions and quests involving the NFT character
So Shiny. Want to pop.

What makes Ethermore unique?

  • The first evolving fantasy world on the blockchain with full ownership of unique procedurally generated characters, holding implicit and explicit rarity.
  • Participate in the world of Ethermore community from the start as it grows and creates the subculture.
  • Unique decision-making game structure
  • leading NFT ESG standards of offsetting CO2 on the minting process and full carbon offset of our mint.
  • Built by us, who know fantasy and have spent many hours in imaginary worlds and always wanted to build one.

How to get involved

  • Join the Discord channel to keep up to date
  • Follow Twitter for updates and occasional character visuals



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A digital art project, collectable NFT and evolving fantasy world and community