The Quests of Ethermore: Enter a Fantasy Blockchain RPG

5 min readJan 30, 2022

The fantasy world of Ethermore is vast, beautiful, and ancient. You can experience this world through the eyes of your Ethermore characters by playing through our quests. But be careful, every action you take has consequences. Every bandit you kill or innocent citizen you save will affect your character’s morality and affinity which is saved to your character’s metadata.

Discover the world of Ethermore through the quests below, but be wary, traveler.

Every action is permanent and quests cannot be replayed.

The Fox and the Ghost Tavern

You decide to take a load off and spend a night drinking at The Fox and the Ghost Tavern. Luckily for you, there is live music tonight! However, a drunk human comes to spoil the fun. He harasses the musician and it just isn’t sitting right with you. How will you deal with the drunk idiot?

Later that night, on your way home, you see the same drunkard cornered by a gang of thieves. Will you help him out or let him reap the karma he has sowed?

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The Ruins of Nio Cegod

Nio Cegod was said to have been a great civilization, made prosperous by citizens that loved their country with almost a religious zeal. The King of Nio Cegod spent hundreds of thousands of Ether commissioning the greatest architects and blacksmiths of Ethermore to build secret mechanisms and weapons beyond imagination. You journey through the ruins with a party of 4: yourself, Ragnar the Wayfarer Barbarian, a Dwarf Monk called Gamlin, and Corinthia, an Elemental Windfall Sorcerer.

Find out what perils you will face and what treasure lies in wait for you in The Ruins of Nio Cegod.

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The Notice Board: Contract — Betsy

Back to the adventurer’s grind, one request on the notice board catches your eye. A farmer claims their farmhand has stolen Betsy — their prized cow. Seems like an easy enough quest with a good amount of coin as a reward. You head over to the farm to get more details from the farmer before heading out into the woods to find Betsy.

When you catch up with Betsy, you learn that the farmhand isn’t a normal farmhand, and bringing Betsy back, isn’t as easy as you thought it would be.

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Trial Run

In one of the sketchier parts of town, you approach an abandoned arena, after hearing that someone there is in need of an adventurer. A shifty-looking gnome is there to greet you. He tells you that they have built a new school for young aspiring adventurers. As part of the school, they’ve built an obstacle course to help train the new recruits. However, they need an experienced adventurer, such as yourself, to test it.

The arena still looks quite worse for wear, and this gnome doesn’t look like any school headmaster you’ve ever seen before. However, coin is coin, and getting a workout on a shabby-looking obstacle course is going to be one of your easiest paydays yet… or will it?

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Together with many different tribes, you gather in one of Ethermore’s finest castles to celebrate the anniversary of the Titan War. With creatures of all races gathered together, you can truly see what a great nation Ethermore has become. You listen to a few boring speeches, waiting for the partying to begin. However, celebrations are cut short when a mysterious figure of light appears before you.

Is it friend, or is it foe? Will you attack it, or use the crowd to shield yourself from it?

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Night Terrors

In the dark of night, you find yourself running through the forest, with pursuers quickly closing in behind you. It’s too dark, you need to create some light to guide your way. There is blood on your hands. Whose blood? What have you done? You want to rest, but memories of what you did keep you awake at night. Find out who you are and what is causing these night terrors.

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The Guilds of Ethermore

A new dawn breaks over the horizon, illuminating the lush fields and tall mountains of Ethermore. You wake up early today, as today is the day you finally join your first guild. On the way to the guild entrance ceremonies, a bustling tavern piques your interest. You also need to buy some equipment from Aengoth’s before the ceremony.

What guild will you join and what kind of adventurer will you become?

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A Doctor’s Appointment

You wake up with a piercing headache and a naked figure in the bed next to you. You leave quietly and head out, late for a doctor’s appointment. However, on the way, a mysterious man mistakes you for a sellsword and things take an unprecedented turn. Suddenly, making it to your doctor’s appointment in time is the least of your worries.

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Interested in writing a quest of your own? If you have writing skills and a passion for building fantasy quests, we’d would be happy to publish your quest on our platform. Learn how to write for Ethermore here.

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